Playlist der Sendung am 28. Dezember 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Chameleons, Intrigue in Tangiers
2) Secret Discovery, Slave to the rhythm
3) Gathering, Marooned
4) BJH, Alone in the night
5) Roger Trash, Die Beichte
6) Gene loves Jezebel, Maid of Skere
7) Blanket of Secrecy, Say you will
8) Dave Berry, I'm gonna take you there
9) Flamma Sherman, No need to explain
10) Bachelors, 3 o'clock Flamingo Street
11) Glenda Collins, Something I've got to tell you
12) Paul and Barry Ryan, I love her
13) Beverly, Happy new year

Playlist der Sendung am 23. November 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Pink Floyd, One slip
2) Juggling Suns, Wicked history
3) Darren Hayes, Insatiable
4) Cheetahs, Mekka
5) Cheryl Gray, You made me what I am
6) Virgin Sleep, Secret
7) Mike Oldfield, Hibernaculum
8) Guy Darrell, Skyline pigeon
9) Yes, The more we live (LP "Union")
10) Yes, Holding on
11) Robbie Robertson, Sign of a rainbow
12) Taly Koren, Free will

Playlist der Sendung am 26. Oktober 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Icicle Works, Love is a wonderful colour
2) Matia Bazar, Souvenir
3) Sunrise Ave, Only
4) Gene Latter, Something inside of me died
5) Will Martin, Into the west
6) Thievery Corporation, Revolution solution
7) Tintern Abbey, Beeside
8) Ellis, El Doomo
9) Manos Pyrovolakis, Ti mas enoni
10) Taly Koren, In my dreams
11) Angel Dust, I need you
12) Porcupine Tree, Way out of here

Playlist der Sendung am 28. September 2008, 6140 kHz
1) 1927, That`s when I think of you
2) Martin Ansell, Englishman abroad
3) Benjamin Orr, Stay the night
4) Dear Mr.President, Flesh and blood
5) Deniz Arcak, Zehir ettin
6) Jackie Trent, When summertime is over
7) Gullivers People, Splendour in the grass
8) Tony Summers, Make time stand still
9) Foreigner, Until the end of time
10) Verve, Weeping willow
11) Gerry Rafferty, The right moment
12) Dear Mr.President, Fate

Playlist der Sendung am 24. August 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Robert Palmer, Know by now
2) Jon Anderson, New civilization
3) Esther Philips, What a difference a day makes
4) Mike Batt, Lady of the dawn
5) Seekers, Walk with me
6) Paolo Meneguzzi, Verofalso
7) Barry Noble, I've got my eyes on you
8) Superior, Think
9) Vision Fields, Sad song (LP "Vision Fields")
10) Udo Jürgens, Adler sterben
11) Vision Fields, Eden's waterfall
12) Propaganda, P-Machinery (LP "A secret wish")
13) Spotnicks, It`s over

Playlist der Sendung am 27. Juli 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Garbage, The world is not enough
2) Marianne Faithfull, Summernights
3) Pyramid, Summer of last year
4) Ozzy Osbourne, Back on earth
5) Herd, From the underworld
6) Hard Rain, No one can show you the way
7) Ornella Vanoni, Only two can play
8) Riccardo Cocciante, Il vero amore
9) Bruce Dickinson, Man of sorrows
10) Plus, Gloria in excelsis (Toccata)
11) Severine; Un banc, un arbre, une rue
12) Roland Grapow, A heartbeat away
13) Benny; Michael, Marc and Christian

Playlist der Sendung am 22. Juni 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Ozzy Osbourne, Shot in the dark
2) Bruce Dickinson, Darkness of Aquarius
3) Duncan Brown, Things to come
4) Kashmir, Graceland (alt.vers.)
5) Kick, Streets of shame
6) Gino Vanelli, Persona non grata
7) Saxon, Prisoner
8) Saga, Time bomb
9) Gathering, Eleonor
10) Gary Moore, Fire

Playlist der Sendung am 25. Mai 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Juliet, New shoes
2) Gavin Friday, Dolls
3) Joan Baez, Here`s to you
4) Tomorrow, Revolution
5) Clive Westlake, From the beginning to the end
6) Mario Frangoulis, Notte di luce
7) Hollies, Clown
8) Darren Hayes, Heart attack
9) Never the bride, Living tree
10) Richard Fleeshman, Skyline
11) Malcolm Rabbit, Why won`t the sun shine on me
12) RPWL, Roses

Playlist der Sendung am 23. April 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Barry St.John, Hey Boy
2) Placebo, Spite and malice
3) Dickie Rock, When my train comes in
4) John Hughes, Talk about it
5) Groove, The wind
6) Nazan Öncel, Ben boyle ask görmedin
7) Amory Kane, Reflections of your face
8) Bad English, Ghost in your heart
9) Collectors Item, Love song (feat.LP)
10) Indian Spirit, Reflection of the past
11) Patrizio Buanne, Forever begins tonight
12) Collectors Item, First new day

Playlist der Sendung am 27. Januar 2008, 6140 kHz
1) Manfred Mann, Joybringer
2) Chicane, Come tomorrow
3) Chameleons, Home is where the heart is
4) Ian Dury, Sex&Drugs&Rock`n Roll
5) Nightranger, Mojo
6) Randy California, Run to your lover
7) Blue Monkeys, Wicked ways
8) Tony Macalpine, Tears of Sahara
9) Whitesnake, Children of the night
10) Whitesnake, Still of the night
11) Gary Moore, Victims of the future

Playlists der Sendungen im Jahr 2007 (pdf)

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